Meet Cammy Dierking

Is your audience ready for a speaker who will blow their minds and knock their socks off? A speaker who will make them laugh ‘til they wet their pants!? And are you ready to take credit for an incredible event they’ll be talking about for years? Well, brace yourself. Cammy Dierking is all that, and a bag of chips!
Cammy Dierking


A television personality for 35 years, and mother of three wonderful daughters, Cammy projects a contagious and wild enthusiasm for everything she does. A communications expert who specializes in edu-tainment, her messages are thoughtful, clear and uplifting, and presented in a lively way that’s chockfull of laughs.

Cammy will enlighten your audience about issues like: the power of a positive attitude, the best ways to handle change, creating balance in a busy life, and finding your passion and living your dream. Cammy also demystifies the mind/body connection, and what it means to take control of your life and your health. Whatever your specific needs, Cammy can customize a presentation that will inspire, motivate, and energize!